Evaldas and Ramunė, founders of Midsummer Tango project, inform you that entity called "Argentine tango association" ( and related persons, who organize Midsummer Tango marathon in 2013, do it without consent and agreement with founders. In summer 2012, without any prior notice, Midsummer Tango suddenly was declared as belonging to that private entity. It was done against any rules of partnership and honesty. After our request to restore the truth other hostile actions to isolate founders followed.

If you see this text, it means any settlement between founders of Midsummer Tango in Vilnius and former partners with whom Evaldas and Ramunė once shared this beautiful project was not reached.


Here you can find archived web sites of Midsummer Tango events.

Midsummer Tango 2010.
Midsummer Tango 2011 (1st marathon) .
Midsummer Tango 2012 (2nd marathon).